You & Yours

I suppose this is what happens when you title your last post "Monday Night..." anything.

The next time you go to blog you realize what a slacker you've been. The shame, the shame.

Since really all the time in the world that I have is going to work lately (well that, and preparing for the house guests I have seemed to have almost every other weekend for the last 8+ weeks...), I've really only been able to just about tread water following the OTHER blogs and not writing my own.

So I thought I'd share whose I'm loving most lately. [Real] friends, you are officially out of the running so that I don't have to admit if I am loving your blog right now. :)

I'm sure these are mostly what you're reading - but I have a big list and sort of get stuck on 5 or 6 favorites at a time. Here are the currents:

Phew. These ladies & gents keep me busy enough... let alone all you friends that I read. Every. Single. Post. Every. Day. (Of course.)

Who am I missing that should be making it in to my Top Six for the next few months?