More Than Maple Syrup

After the elections in November (yes - that's how far behind I am in blog world!), a trip to Vermont sounded like the perfect medicine for election-cycle brain to attempt to disconnect, settle back in to real life, real people, and to remember the priorities I always SAY are the most important. Sometimes just saying those things don't matter enough - living them out is much more important.

So with two full weeks off work (which, I must say, is something I absolutely will try to do again because my mentor-man was right: you need a week to unwind, and then a week to full detach and enjoy your time off) there was much to do... in the way of FUN!

In Vermont there was art, okay lots of art, picture taking, dog-carting (yeah, a heatwave in Vermont in November - good timing), horseback riding, fly-fishing... the real deal. It was incredibly hard to leave.

A few pictures from the trip!

Stowe Mountain Lodge:

Some scenes from Stowe:

Then there was the dogsledding - an experience I'd wish for everyone, for anyone that sees God in nature and animals, who loves fresh crisp winter air. The silence out there, in the very north of Vermont almost at the Canadian border completely away from civilization was amazing.

More on more germane topics coming soon:). The trip ended with a day in Burlington which has MUCHO design and clothing shops, excellent art, and a wonderful spirit to it. More soon!


CP said...

SO JEALOUS that you got to go dog sledding - it is on my bucket list! Look at those adorable pups! What a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

Dog sledding?! How fun! Did you bring home a husky pup to play with Stella? :)