I've Got the Fever

No... not BEIBER FEVER! Please, have a little respect, people.

The fever to redecorate... everything. I love my house, love the decor style and the pieces I've brought in but something is giving me the the itch to change things up a bit.

Is it the longish winter and now that spring is sort of here I want to change things up? Could it be the Very Big Surprise (FR, you know, announcement soon) coming and maybe I'm doing like a non-pregnant version of nesting? Okay maybe that actually makes the most sense.

As you saw a few days ago I'm changing around tons of prints and wall decorations in the main areas of my home. (Love how I say "main areas" as though there are also non-main areas!) I've brought in three - THREE - new area rugs, and a new set of throw pillows are being made by one of my favorite little shops on Etsy. Unfortunately it has taken SO long to get them, but more on those little gems later.

Anyway, though I have that bug, first I must get to the organizing part of it and be diligent about it. Most people think I'm fairly organized but what I know is that it's all only organized on the surface, and that drives my Batty McBatterson. When I know that every drawer or cabinet looks like there's been a tornado, it drives me just as crazy as if it were just sitting on the floor. And it's been like this - unorganized - for almost a year.

Crazy town.

To get my motivation on and force a first attempt at a whole-house-re-org, I got a few supplies that came today from Mr. Container Store. I'll report back on how well each ended up working out after the long weekend:

Yeah. Confession. The project I did where I turned some frames into cork boards and starting using them for bracelet and necklace storage.... they're adorable, but they kind of suck as holding heavy jewelry. So now it can be hidden in the closet!

Um, fridge-organizing GENIUS!!!!....

Who doesn't need deep sweater bins? I've only ever found one moth in a closet here, but still - for protection and also to keep those crazy sweaters from having a life of their own on my shelves: