Teen Spirit

A little photo interlude, if I may?

So the president of my company called to ask if I had some time, came up to my office, and said (now, it's a Wednesday, mind you), "you're not doing anything on Saturday, right?"

Of course I'm not [now].... sir.

Turns out he needed an event his daughter was part of to be shot and they had arranged anyone. My kind, caring, ridiculous photog coach volunteered me saying he was "sure" I could do it. Let the panic attack set in... I don't mind doing baby, engagement, maternity shoots for friends, but folks I am so NOT confident enough to get paid to do it.

Anyway it ended up being a pretty great day, and convinced me even more about my work to continue to get better. It is definitely all worth it. I'm not posting his daughter in any of these, but I got some good ones of her - which was a huge relief once I started editing.

Here are a few from the day - what they call Wh.ite vs. G.old at their all-girls high school, Georg.etown Visit.ation.


Lisa said...

Those pictures are great! Can you give me some lessons on how to take pictures that good w/my camera =)?