Another Day, Another Decor Decision

I know, life is tough. Decisions, decisions.

In a recent fit of deciding I hate the piece that my television is on, there have been some changes a' brewin'. The best way to describe the TV's current home is to just say it like it is: it's ugly, and doesn't work with the overall theme of the house. Yes of course it was a loved piece three years ago when purchased but for some reason it's not grown on me, and frankly I'm just tired of it.

While I can see the original attraction - it's teal (lovely), petite, and has a bunch of little drawers and storage areas - it just doesn't work anymore. So like an old boyfriend you've just got to kick to the curb for good, even though they are sweet when they call every 6 months after a few too many beers to remind you why you dated them.... there's a time to go, for good.

So here's the dilemma - what now for the television? I've never wanted a TV to be the center of any room and in fact there are no TV's upstairs or in the bedrooms in my house, and I hope there won't ever be. Since I end up breaking most of my self imposed rules (except flip flops in the office - that I'll never break), maybe a TV will end in my bedroom in like a month. Who knows.

In looking for new pieces for the TV I'm all over the map. I don't want a conventional television or "media stand," as they say, so working through options has been interesting. I suppose I'll visit some of them this weekend to see them in person.

Some of the contenders are below.

An option is something like this. I saw it in person a few weeks ago and can personally confirm it's not Ikea-ish. Now having Ikea furniture in my living room, that's not something I imagined, but this was actually rather nice. One challenge with this little guy is that the other "white" furniture in that space is somewhat distressed and not bright white - which this is.

And for giggles let's just throw in the completely unrealistic idea that I won't end up doing, but would like to dream about. Sigh, Wisteria.

Then there is a more traditional idea, something like this. This poses a problem on one front, however. One of the challenges is that because of the size of the space, whatever the TV is on is rather close to the coffee table, so these two pieces need to be different heights - and this one is approximately the same height as the coffee table. Blerg.

See what I mean!?! All over the map. Can you guess which one I'm leaning toward?


Lisa said...

we have your first option downstairs and have been very happy with our purchase. We've been asked many times if it's from pottery barn.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

I use my grandmothers' old buffet for ours. It works perfectly.