A Little Spring for the Sofa

A little note of an update for now before I hit the feathers, as an old friend used to say.

I've had such a hard time with throw pillows the last three years (when I purchased my furniture for the new house) - switching them out, leaving them mismatched, then trying matching, then hating matched pillows. You get what I'm saying.

A few months ago I found the most adorable Etsy shop and finally ordered custom pillows for my couch - yes, that is them below. And I adore them. They are a bit smaller than I thought they would be, but had I actually read the measurements in the description I would have known that. No matter, I still would have gotten them! It's hard to tell in my photo but they are a very light linen base with the flower petals all hand-sewn onto the linen.

They are my new throw pillows, they will be perfect for spring and summer, and now some of my mismatched options (which I still do adore) can take little nap in a tupperware bin and come out in the fall.

Do you like?


Debra said...

I like! Very fresh looking :) mom