Catch-Ups & Pupperonis

There's been more photography in my life lately than there has been time - or want, to be honest - for design and home decor. That's neither good nor bad, but just kind of where my priorities are right now I suppose.

I've hired a designer to start helping me with a photography website and once that's done I'll have to decide how and if I transition to the blog to full-time photography or if I keep this personal one and have one for the pictures. Decisions, decisions!

Right now, a little bit of what I've been doing with a camera in a few posts!

See these little lovelies? They are Napoleon & Josephine (har har har, and yes, Napoleon is the shorter one), and are some of the cutest puppers around - just take a look and see for yourself!


Kara said...

Uh... of course they are some of the cutest pups around because they are dachshunds... though I currently reside with THE cutest dachshund in the world... sorry to Napoleon and Josephine. :-)