Winchester, Virginia is H.I.C.K.

Yesterday I only sort of had work off as a vacation day. Sort of.

I had this manager training set up (and paid for!) for at least a few weeks prior to deciding this was the easiest week to take off work. So I didn't take Wednesday off and instead went to a SkillPath manager's training. Let me sum this up in just one word: lame.

I feel an itty bitty bad only since I asked if I could take it, and my company paid for it (don't worry, it wasn't too expensive), but I ended up skipping out early. I went to several sessions, but with only about 15 attendees, and two really lame instructors - Rose & Pat - it was rather like a Saturday Night Live sketch and incredibly vague. While some of their tips were certainly helpful, they were very general and more toward offices and industries really unlike mine. I'm not sure what IS like my industry except the actual industry, but alas, it really wasn't helpful.

So after a "one please" lunch at the Bob Evans across the street, I was on my way home with a txt to a friend I had been telling about the day that said "This is not helpful, I'm leaving early, and Winchester, Virginia is HICK." And I was on my almost 2-hour drive home.

Man, am I glad I left! The materials actually are going to be helpful, but the sessions just weren't. Sigh.


Christy Parker said...

Glad you made it out alive!