Love Thy Ickyness

One of my colleagues today marched in to my office horrified telling me she just found out that two mid-20-something friends from southern California got plastic surgery. One got a boob job, the other a nose job.

The rub? Apparently Friend A had perfect boobs, and Friend B an adorable nose. And everyone agreed.

Now I’m not inherently “against” plastic surgery. And in no way will I promise I won’t ever get a wrinkle “taken care of,” but I do think we have taken this whole adjust-our-beauty thing a kind of far.

Friends, I just want you to know that I love your imperfections – and I try to love mine. I love your stringy hair, your connected ear lobes, your big rears, your shorty short heights, your man-ish hands, your short waists and long torsos, your post-baby hips, your oddly small feet, and your narrow shoulders. I love them all, because they are yours – and I hope you never change them!

If we all had perfect little schnozzes, and perfect little rears, and perfect little everythings… how would we even know each other apart?


lb said...

what are you saying about southern california?! jk. it's weird. i know.