The Family Room

Much like my “dining room,” my family is also… you guessed it, a “family room.” Let’s not go through the exercise again of justifying why my house is so small. It just is, I deal!


Couch & Chair: Please, have a seat on my lovely mid-century mod-inspired brown textured couch and single chair. I picked this set out at Macy’s without even sitting on it. Yes, an atrocity all in itself. I was actually shopping with MM for her white leather sofa’s and saw this set but in a light green. I didn’t take a seat but MM did. After looking for months for a furniture set and not finding what I wanted, I kept thinking of [icky] green sofa from Macy’s.

I hopped online, saw they had it in brown – one of my main colors – called MM to see if it was comfortable and after an affirmative answer, bought the set. I couldn’t be happier. It has tufts (obsessed!), is wearing well, easy to keep clean, and goes with my style.

Pillows & Table: As you can see I’ve added in my accent colors with pillows. The birdy pillow I found at Target and may even get another one for one of the beds upstairs. The lovely white table was another purchase from Primitive and Proper in Maryland, from the same refurbisher that did my mirror and a few other small pieces around the house.

Rug: Have you ever looked through the “Apartment” section on Urban Outfitters website? They have some amazing and unique pieces, and usually for very affordable prices. It’s where I got this leaf design lightweight rug and a few of the other pieces in the house – mostly small accessories.

Accessories: In addition to the main pieces in my family room, you will notice that the mirrored Little Table completes the conversation square with it’s pair, one of the refinished antique chairs. I’ve also found a few cute accents like candles in teal, green, and yellow, my three accent colors, a lovely silver coffee table tray, a small white mini bird house from an estate sale I went to with L, and of course the yet-to-be-filled-with-photos montage on the wall.

Like the rest of the house, we are still a work in progress, but I love hanging out, working, and hosting in my living room – functional, yet lovely!


L said...

You know how I feel about your house. It's adorable! They should've featured you in domino.

Kara said...

Ooooh - thanks for the intro to the Home section of the U.O. website! There are some cool things there!

Anonymous said...

So comfy chic - I love it!! And I concur, the tufts on the couch/chair are obsession-inducing. You're a genius for mixing brown and gray!