Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Yes-s-s-s-s! It’s here (well almost), the annual Washington Auto Show.

I will only mention this once, you have my full promise, but while I appreciate that I at least have an auto show to go to, the DC show clearly can not hold up against the NAIAS in Detroit. Maybe that should be a given, but it’s something I try to forget as I go through the exhibits here in town…

Last year I saw some great cars and it was the first year I had my fancy camera. I tried to take some interesting and unusual shots last year, and have learned so much since then that hopefully I come back with some more.

I really like reflection – not just in car photos but in a lot of subjects that I take – and cars just happen to be shiny and reflecty! Bonus!

This year I’m looking forward to, as always, seeing what Chrysler has to offer, as well as looking at some of the new luxury sedans from Mercedes, and Bentley. These are the ones that usually catch my eye – I’m not hung up on sports cars or anything like that. I like the styling of sedans and that’s where my interest lies, even though I don’t drive one. Go figure.

More to come after I go to this years show next weekend!


L said...

Fun, I just heard this advertised on the radio. Is it this weekend or next?

The Girl said...

Yes! This coming week - I think it starts Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.