Sweet Caroline

Last weekend I made a last minute trip to Middle America to visit S, who is expecting a new baby in approximately five weeks (yay!), but also has so much life business going on.

A very important work initiative, selling their house, buying a new house, decorating the new house (yes, very important!), having her first baby…

… you get the picture.

Thank goodness she has an uber supportive and involved hubby, and together they are a get-it-done couple. My quick trip was a good hang-out time with her, and probably the last time before it is just her, before Baby comes!

We had a great time of normalness – seeing the new house, buying appliances, packing their kitchen into boxes, dinner out, Easter church, and a city council meeting (that’s for another time).

Speaking of that new house, it is a beaut!!!

It’s a lovely white home in a neighborhood with mixed home types, which I just adore. It’s in the cute town of Kirkwood which has a great little downtown area, parks, and community centers.

(Even the street name, Caroline, is so fitting!)

The house is about a hundred years old, has recently refinished wood floors throughout, and the original hardware from the floor vents to the door knobs and windows. It has so much charm it’s a bit hard to look away because everywhere your eyes go, a new little bit of character peeks out.

The 9-foot ceilings, classic-shaped windows, oversized and bold moldings, and interesting pass-ways and halls make this house one that I would die to get my hands on. Thankfully, S lets me spout off about all the things I would do if I, in fact, moved in like I am threatening to do!

A quick peak before they get their furniture in!


L said...

I LOVE it! The floors are gorgeous. I really love white houses. I think they should get a lovely front door and paint it a fun color. I mean . . that's what I would do. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't over how cute this house is! Ack! I love the floors, the woodwork, the doorknobs, the pewter windows. I want.