My Alone Day

This is what I'm doing today. I am SO excited - I've been thinking about it for days!

Last year I scored my coffee table there, and met the vendor who I've since gotten more pieces from. I also have to say that I have been very excited about today being a "The Girl Day." You know how sometimes you just need a day to yourself? An alone day?

I needed one of those. I've had painters in my house this week, and just felt like I needed a little alone time before a very busy week ahead! So, my super-awesome plans are:

  • Luckett's Spring Market
  • Leesburg Outlet (a stop by only... I swear... no more clothes!)
  • Super Target (every time I'm in Leesburg I go to the Super Target - I love it!)
  • Costco
  • Get my bangs cut on the way back
  • Home Goods
  • Drop off stuff at Salvation Army

I'm sure there will be a Starbucks stop in there too somewhere. I was recently telling a friend how much I love doing errands - she did not believe me! But I do! So I am looking forward to my day of errands, all by my self, and maybe picking up something cute to decorate my newly painted (and almost finished!) bedroom and guest room.

I'll post my finds!


Kara said...

Totally post your finds and also pictures of the painting!! And um, when do I get to see the house anyway?

L said...

Sounds perfect! I considered going to the spring market, but not alot of moolah to spend. Looking forward to seeing pics!