We'd Like Our Field Back, Ms. Witherspoon

If you live outside the DC area, you may not know that softball is a really big deal in our nation’s capital! People that work in Congress, at PR firms, and in different agencies are frequently part of inner-office teams, and there are several leagues.

My firm has had a softball team for quite a few years and I must say (buffing my nails), that the team is quite good. No, no I don’t play on it. But I AM the team photographer!

Last week we had just a total lame-o experience. We have a regular field that our team uses, but the opposing team was from a so-annoying-anyway-senate-office, and insisted on playing on a field that was not a regular field.

Our team got there.

We started playing.

Capitol Police started to kick us off.

Why, you ask? Because apparently the big mass of mess about 300 yards from us was the set of the new Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson movie. Yes, Reese and Owen were nearby. But we wanted to play softball!

After arguing with this incredibly stereotypical Hollywood Creepy McCreeperman, him making friends with the tattoo’d Capitol Policy woman… it was over. We were kicked off the field.

And the set manager’s reason that we – and another game across the mall from us – had to leave? Because if – IF – they began shooting, the people on our team may be seen in the shot, which by Screen Actors Guild rules would mean we’d have to be paid for “working.”

Bear with me for my one political statement on this blog: This is why unions suck!


Kara said...

SO fun that you are the team photographer... but WOULD BE SO ANNOYING (right there with you) to have gotten kicked off for a movie set... and being seen in the background, etc.

pinksundrops said...

How fun that you play soccer THAT near the capitol!!