Nothing says "Welcome to my home" like...

Check out my new door mat.

Pretty cute, huh?

I spotted this little guy in World Market a few weeks ago and thought it would be the perfect addition to the front of my house. It carries some of the colors that are throughout the house (you know the palette by now – brown and grey for the base, and teal, green, and yellow as accents), but with a few new ones too for outdoors.

I know someone that might be jealous of my peacock-ish door mat, but let’s just hope that while she’s on vacation she isn’t keeping up on the blogs.

Love World Market, and since some of their locations went out of business, they are having great sales lately!

Little known fact – they carry wonderful textiles… window treatments, rugs, pillows, bedding!


Anonymous said...

Ooh I like the peacocks! They are so cute that I might avoid wiping my feet next time I'm over to keep them cute forevermore.

L said...

I'm keeping up on certain blogs like yours! Best "welcome" ever! Have you seen my welcome mat? Also has a peacock (from Anthro) . . so I can't be TOO jealous. ;) Ok, off to test drive at the GM dealership!!

pinksundrops said...

I love World Market's door mats!! My last one is definitely in need of replacing.