Baking for Prizes... I Mean, for the Children

Each year my company has a highly-competitive Coo.kie Bak.e Off. I can’t even begin to tell you the smack that is talked in the weeks leading up to the competition, or the lengths that people go to in order to provide the best entry.

There is baking, there is trash talk, there is the reserving of three connected conference rooms for an afternoon (talk about office management not being your biggest fan!!), internal “advertising” and grassroots campaigns, and big drama about how the entries are presented on the judges table.

All of this, however, for a great cause!

Each year we work with the Capital Area Food Bank to provide toys and Christmas presents to local children and families that otherwise would not receive any. At the competition our employees select names of kids who they’ll buy for.

The competition is one thing, but of course giving back is the best thing!

I could not, in words, however describe just how competitive, detailed, and intricate the entries get. So… you will just see a few pictures!

Keep in mind the categories one can possibly win in: best taste, overall best entry, most creative, best name.

And yes, the IT folks set up a virtual Christmas fire for the occassion. This SmartBoard is massive - about 6' by 5'.

The labeling and entry system is very complicated and technical...

Two final notes. First, yes, I'm posting about a Christmastime contest in July!

Second, I've never entered an item, mostly because I'm the "team photographer." I'm considering entering this year, though - any suggestions??