Cities, Cities, Cities

I’m back on the travel wagon – hence the lag in blogging! This jaunt of travel won’t be nearly as extensive as this spring, but it’s funny how it often seems to happen a bunch of weeks in a row!

I’ve been each place I have to go in the next few weeks, so I’ll see what new photos come out of these trips – if I have time to take any! Here are some of my favorites from pervious trips.

This last week, I was in Atlanta, but for less than 24 hours. (When did my life get to a place where I am flying around the country for trips that are less than an actual day – blagch.) I have to say that I don’t really love Atlanta. That said, I have been there probably four or five times in the last few years and none of those trips involved doing anything except meetings in hotels and conference facilities – so I can’t say that I’ve had the opportunity to really explore.

On a business trip last summer, I caught a few fun images when we stopped at this park on the way to the airport.

This coming week I head to Philly for three days. I’ll train up on Monday (only 90 minutes on the Acela – who could ask for anything better?), do a dinner event, have all of Tuesday to myself and to work in my hotel room, and then another presentation event Wednesday morning.

Then I’ll hop another Acela at 1 pm and head on home! I didn't take any pictures on my last trip there, so I have to make sure to get some this time around!

The next week, I’ll visit S and her new baby Elise for the first time (YIPEE!) in St. Louis, some suburbs that I have grown to like and know well!

And to end the string of trips I’ll spend two days in New York City for another client event. This time I’ll be hosting 15 other people on the trip, so the stress level will be approximately 27 on a 1-10 scale. I don’t have great shots from NYC with a decent camera, but I’ll post them anyway!

Look for more photos from my quick trips – I already feel myself missing my own bed!!


pinksundrops said...

Oh, I love the fountain photo! And that dog photo is SOO cute - it should be entered in a photo contest!