"I Said REST!"

Whew – an interesting time of vacationing I’ve had this last week!

I was off work and decided that instead of going anywhere, I really needed some time around my area, around the house, and to catch up on life. That sort of happened – but you know the saying. The best laid plans of men…

Have you ever had one of those times when you know God wants you to take a rest, step back from “life,” take a breather, and regenerate?

I have known that I needed this – and frankly, was being told to do it – for about a month, but still had a two-page list of to-do’s ready to attack for my “vacation week.” I think the Big Guy had other plans. Long story short, I got a nasty cold on day two, and broke a finger on day three.

Two things that make plowing through a to-do list a little less productive. This is one of those strange times, though, where I am so thankful that both happened! While irritated at my lack of accomplishments over this week at first, I now feel truly rested, rejuvenated, and in a better spirit and attitude to return to work on Monday, and return to “real” life. We all know I wouldn’t have given myself more than a minute of downtime if this had been up to me!

Now on to some super posts for you, reader! I rearranged a few housey things, bought some new small accents, made some clothing decisions, tried a new recipe, and started (and almost finished) a new book, and will be writing about all of them!


Christy Parker said...

VERY proud of you for taking a rest - I know that it is hard for you. And ouch on the finger...hope it is healing fast.