Print Me Crazy

I went a little crazy on Etsy this week.

I find so many things from different artists that I’d love to have in my home (or wear!). And when I’m committed to the process, I always find something inexpensive and incredibly unique – which is just what I’m going for!

This week I started looking at some prints for different parts of my house. The idea of prints has grown on me a lot in the last few months – and I’m now comfortable having them, missed in with photography, around the house. At first it felt too different in feel and mood from the photographs – and maybe even a little… modern?

I’m not sure.

But what I know now, is that your fickle little decorator friend (me), now likes them mucho! I picked up this print in an 8x10 this week from a neat designer. Its in an antique-ish frame (which balances it, I believe) and is in the main room.

I was sitting around this week and realized that there was not even a bit of yellow (my third secondary accent color – and obviously no, that is not a technical term, but one I just made up!) on a certain wall of the room. Hence the purchase.

But, now that I have it up, I am loving it! My bedroom is still posing a bit of a problem for me on the wall décor side of things, so these images are rolling around in my mind even though I’m not sure if they will work or not.
Not to fear, no purchases have been made yet. One thought is that I have a massive old frame that was painted green by my Primitive & Proper friends I plug all the time. It’s empty – no glass, etc.

What if – work with me here – I framed a couple of these prints and hung them inside the huge green blank frame?

Just a thought.


L said...

Hmm, that could be cute! I wonder which one I'd pick? PEACOCK FEATHER! :)