Fly Far, Far Away

Speaking of going crazy on Etsy...

I may have also re-jeweled myself this week.

That is such an exaggeration. I bought two necklaces, that’s it, I swear! One of the little guys I purchased might now be my absolute favorite “fun” pieces that I have to wear.

What is it about this little piece that touches me so much? Not sure. But isn’t it funny – a little piece of jewelry, $16 later, and some how just looking at it touches my heart. I suppose that’s what “art” is, regardless of the cost.

(More views here.)

Allow me to be annoyingly reflecty and introspective for a time – when I take time off and actually have time to get inside my own head and straighten out priorities and think about L.I.F.E., I get a little introspective for a few weeks after.

And something about this little bird has me doing this. Maybe I identify with this bird a little bit – she’s outside her cage, but still hanging close to home where she is safe and does what she knows. Yet her wings are still spread.

Did my new Etsy friend think through all this when making her piece? Who knows – but if you see me wearing this a lot, now you know why!!


Anonymous said...

You know my penchant for all things birdie - this is so cute! And way to get all deep on us. ;) Seriously, I love the introspection - I need more of that in my life. Wear your birdie necklace to drinks tonight!