The Fall Runway

I have the Fall bug.

Being the transplanted northern girl that I am, I yearn for cooler weather, the feeling of Fall, the smell of chill air, and the changing colors that the season brings.

Alas, these are later, shorter, and fewer between here in DC. I will, of course, take what I can get though!

I’ve taken a different strategy on my Fall/Winter ’09 wardrobe, however, and have decided to put thought and strategy in to the pieces I need, and not pick up so many pieces on a whim, without really thinking about if I need them or if they work with what I already have.

And then, abstain from shopping. (This, of course, will be the true test!!).

My strategy? Clean out the closet (in process), and the shoes (completed!), the drawers (can’t even think about it), and determine what is really needed. I am in need of statement pieces is what I’ve decided, and almost all “work appropriate” that can move to casual as well.

Here are a few pieces I’ve either ordered or plan to order soon. I’ve tried to pick out items that will work with what I already have and complement my current wardrobe and NOT buy anything that would need an entire outfit built around it. That is for sure a no-no!

Thoughts? Reactions? Is this a system that will set me up for failure?!

Now a reminder that I work in an office where I need to be in something that is either a suit (well, I don't do matching suits - too boring - but I mean jacket and bottom) or something close enough of a suit if I need to run over to a client's office last minute. e.i. A nice cardigan or sweater-ish.

From Old Navy:

I liked this with pants and heels, or over one of my many black or black and grey dresses, or even a pencil skirt.

We all need waist belts for this season!

Okay so I got one casual tee too:)...

From Talbots - I swear, it's not just for old ladies, as long as you look around:

From The Loft:

From Boden's (ahhhh, my favorites):

This one has little elbow patches, and I can't wait to wear to work but also with jeans and black boots. Sigh!


Kara said...

You know I'm not fashionista (by any stretch of the imagination) but I think your system sounds perfect and WOW do I love the pieces you've picked out. Do you have all the bottoms you need - that's where I struggle - I see cute tops and jackets all the time but never have enough pants/skirts to go around. Will you be my personal shopper?