Another Day, Another Injury


This is appproximately how far behind I am in blog world. Yes, I've been writing since then, but I guess it's just about a three to four month gap at this point - at least for items that aren't time consuming!

Since I've documented some of my awesome self-injuries on the site, thought I'd update the most recent of the stories - from September.

This one involves a spider, an SUV, a good friend, and maybe a faulty spider-get-away plan. And a broken joint. I'll leave it to the imagination what actually happened, but did want to document the ever-evolving world of my hand injuries.

I can report the pinky is working great, and living up to everything it was meant to be.

I'll end with this thought. Much like when I stabbed my own thumb and have to have surgery on it, and was in a cast for a few weeks (yes, really, friends) - you don't really know how much you need the pinky until you can't use it!