A to Z Seating

Recently I was traveling with a client and was putting on a 30-person dinner in a town I’d never been to.

For someone as crazy about events as I am, this was a challenge. I had to put a lot of faith into recommendations and talking with people about the venue, the food, prices, transportation.

The dinner was on a Tuesday night, and I arrived late Sunday night. Monday afternoon I met with the restaurant, checked everything out, signed the contract (nothing like last minute, eh?), made a deal with a taxi company to transport everyone, and we were off.

Except one little detail…

… place cards. You never let 30 people just scramble and sit where they want at one long table, with multiple clients involved. So I started on a mission: find place cards in a strange city.

The restaurant was so fun and hip, too, that I didn’t want a plan gold foil-lined little place card. So finally I found a paper store with a great selection of note cards.

First, find a note card with significant white space to write the guests name. Check.

Second, put the note-cards-turned-place-cards on the settings (I’ve recreated a place setting here since I forgot to take pictures at the restaurant!).


An extra step to be a) a great hostess, b) environmentally friendly, and c) creative?

Pick the note cards up at the end of the night (be quick to gather them before the wait staff does!), and as long as nothing got on them, use them for your thank you notes – which is exactly what I did!

Loved it, and think I’ll do it again in the future!