Calling All Green Thumbs!

Where do I even start on the backyard?

And I say “backyard” as though it is an actual space – which, frankly, it’s not. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, because I do love my backyard space, but the photos are deceiving. It is quite teeny tiny!

Bloggerettes: I need your help.

What is a Girl to do?

Here are some of my preliminary thoughts. First, a deck. Second, a deck. Okay – so I want a deck. The biggest hurdle at this point will be the neighborhood association, which has to approve all new structures. When the time comes, I’ll go through the appropriate motions but I don’t want to get into the forms and requirements until I’m decided that’s what I want to do .

So second option might be… ground cover with walking stones? This is a great suggestion that I think would look great, but then a green-thumb friend of mine said that ground cover, especially in the DC area, is a great place for rats – RATS – to make their home.

Rats? Yes, rats – and I’ve seen in the neighborhood flyer that there are a few people that had rats in their yard before. Hrm.

Last, just a few points you should know if you have some thoughts about the yard. The dirt portion is 100% shade because of the tree, and the brick portion is about 80% full sun. Also, the roots of the tree are at the surface of the dirt, so it’s a very bumpy terrain, and the roots actually protrude out of the dirt. I think before I moved in, there was brick patio extended to the tree, and they had to remove that part because of the roots.

Help, friendlies, help!


Christy Parker said...

I'd like to point out that you went from a broken pinky to a green thumb in your blog-world. Not too many people could do that - well done!

The Girl said...

Well, in fact, I did NOT notice! Ha! Gosh I'm funny and I don't even know it... ;)

Cool Garden Things said... definitely have some work put in to this project. I would recommend that you edge the rest of those bricks with some baby boulders and then back fill with enough loamy soil to bring the dirt level up to the just belowtops of the baby boulders. Add some stepping stones and whala! Make sure you have small boulders to contain the soil completely and do not bury tree roots. Good luck-