Decision Engine: Kitchen

That’s what I am right now – just like Bing. I’m a DECISION ENGINE.

I’m making decisions, and moving on them. We all know how rarely this happens for me, so let’s just soak up the decision-making glow and be on with it.

Ready for my latest decision? READY?! Sit down for this.

The kitchen. It’s time. It’s getting redone (or started, at least).

Nonsensical white and brown tile kitchen floor, you’re outta here. Creepy dark grout that no sane person would ever put in between white tile, you’re outta here too. Ugly countertop that would probably be fine on your own but just knowing they put you in to match the ugly floor… you’re a goner.

So maybe I’m dreaming and this won’t all get done, but I’m setting a goal. By the end of 2010 I want to do the following:

*Glass tile backsplash (ohhhh, ahhhh)
* Or (option!), dare I say there may even be a crazy idea in here that I would pursue
*New floor
*New countertop

New appliances? Nah, I’m okay with the white ones I have. A girl would always love stainless steal, but it’s certainly not a necessity. Also, great white cabinets that I love. Good windows, love my window treatments, and good layout. See, lots of good things about the kitchen too!

I’m sure I will document the whole thing, whenever that might be!


Anonymous said...

adofijawefmaweopfiagpoajg!!!!!!!!! That's how excited I am! And I may or may not have just sketched an OPTION for your future kitchen and emailed it to you. You know (and love) me! Ahhh I'm so excited you're doing this!!!!