Rockin' Around The Christmas Wreath

Every Christmas I think I’m going to get crafty.

And every Christmas, I just run out of time. Sadness.

But, my friend Martha keeps me dreaming every year! One of these days I’ll figure out how to organize myself well enough to complete Christmas cards, finish gift buying, AND get crafty! This year I would love to find time to make a Martha wreath. There are so many different “flavors” that there is definitely something for everyone.

I just might try one of these beauties. I’m thinking either the bells, or the glass ornaments.


Pretty, right? Does this look too hard to make?

How about this gold wreath that has a few different kinds of greens, plus gold hints. Learn how to make this one here.

And this one is so unique. Not sure about how it would turn out if a non-professional-crafter like me did it, but it's pretty adorable, and would like cute in my house where pops of white are frequent!

Maybe you want to make this FOR me? Who knows, they say even a six-year-old could do it!

Pucker up!! Not only is this mistle toe, and not just a little piece hanging in a doorway, but a big slab of it!

Make this smootching wreath by looking here.

Last but certainly not least, this gorgeous glass ornament wreath. I want to do this one so badly, but I just know it won't come out looking like this at all, and I don't know if I can handle that!


Anonymous said...

You should totally do the glass ornament one! Eddie Ross has a tutorial here (, and Small & Chic did it here (! Do it do it!