Nothing Is Ever Black & White

I've talked about my colors with you before, right?

Base neutrals: grey, brown, and white. Accent shades, in order of dominance: teal (dusty & bright shades), green (apple), yellow (strong but not bright).

When I bought this townhouse, it was all pale yellow inside. Yes, they had repainted it for the sale, but it wasn't really even a shade of ivory or white, it definitely would have been on one of those little yellow paint strips! At the bottom... but still! To have the entire house one color would simply have driven me batty, so the first thing to do... paint. And paint. Oh, and maybe paint some more!

I chose a light - but still substantial - dusty grey for the downstairs main living/dining area, and carried it up the stairway to the upstairs hall. Some people balked... "grey?!" they said with a little hint of, "ew, so boring, why GREY?!"

At the time I happened to be on a grey/brown combo kick, but looky who was RIGHT ON THE MONEY!! Not that this front page of Z Gallerie proves I am, eh em, ahead of the curve, but... okay, it does.

Pat, pat, pat my own back...

But really, let's take a look - grey has made a huge resurgence as a main neutral instead of the yellows, taupes, and ivories, and every time I look at my walls, it makes me realize it all fits together so nicely! A few of my favorite grey pieces are below - not all decor!

A little top I bought from Old Navy recently because I just loved the grey and yellow combination so much:

Hellllllo chair that I'm in love with and want to hug and kiss and sit on in black skinny pants and my grey and yellow tank (over the top? Yeah, well, welcome.)

Z Gallerie's Labyringht bedding, which they have carried in a variety of colors, also now in grey:

Oh how I'd love to wallpaper the wall that runs upstairs to my second floor - just on that one wall, all the way up. Heaven. For now, I will just keep coming back to this post and to Brocade Home's site to gaze at it:

A nice little Ikea cushion, grey and yellow as well, only about $30:

Talk about a dream shoe. This is a metallic silver from Butter that looks just lovely - so lovely I could never get them for fear I'd sit around looking at my feet all day instead of working!

And finally, who can forget my newest obsession with grey nailpolish?!


Anonymous said...

You were SO ahead of the trend. And the teal/turquoise too! Go you! And I think you need that chair. And the bedding. And the shoes, obv.

pinksundrops said...

My girlfriend introduced me to grey last year and now I have to keep myself from buying everything I wear in grey. I LOVE it. Some of those pieces you picked out look so silvery - I wonder if that's the appeal. Shiny and beautiful :) !!