Invited to the Party

Am I the last person on Earth to know about Rue La La?

A friend invited me a few days ago, and I'll be completely honest I kind of thought - another shopping thing? Hm.

Good thing I went forward! Just in case you're like me, and you are not familiar - the site is a sale site for designer brands and items, but only for a limited amount of time. So for example, if you are a member and go on the site, they list on the right the designer sales that are upcoming and on which dates they will go live - and all at 11 a.m. those days.

The designers range from French Connection, to Kenneth Cole, to Cuisenart & Lenox. It's really fantastic but needs a bit of looking and looking at the schedule ahead to see when your favorite products are coming up for sale.

I've been tempted by a few kitchen appliances but have been too late to purchase them! The sales are for a few days usually but I haven't been checking quite often enough.

That all said, it is INVITE ONLY. Which, I'll admit, is kind of fun. It's totally free, so if you'd like to be invited, comment and I'll invite you through the site!


Anonymous said...

Ummmm yes, yes you are the last one to know about it! There's also Gilt Group...One Kings Lane...ideeli... :) Oh, The Girl, you really need me as a roomie again don't you?! :)