More Bugs

A little glimpse of my little Bug?

I made an emergency trip out to see her (and her mom, of course!) a few weeks ago. Well, not emergency, but unplanned, yes. I had been thinking about a lot of things lately, and had to make a few decisions on some career and other life-related items, and felt like I really needed some time outside the Beltway, away from all the people and things I needed to make decisions about!

I heard someone say once that the best friend and advisor in your life should be someone that loves you and cares about your life and what happens to you, but loves God more and cares more about what God wants for your life than they care about you. So she's one of those people for me.

Anyway, made my decisions, am hoping to make a few changes, and in the meantime I got some SERIOUS Bug time!

I know - she is just irresistible!


laura beth said...

umm. i want some of these updates.

L said...

She IS irresistable! We need to get together!!