The Best Laid Plans...

It's true, the blog hasn't been updated in a bit - which was mentioned to me today. True. Fact. All the way.

I suppose life keeps getting in the way, which is so strange since I really do enjoy writing here and sharing my decorating finds and the like. A few weekends ago I took a quick trip back to Aldie, VA to visit Bella Villa - one of my most favorite vintage shops in the area. I picked up a few gifts, some antique wrapping paper (which I, of course, gifted since I only use my one signature wrapping paper!), and some other cute little finds.

There's also been a trip to Las Vegas in the mix. Yes, really. No, never again. It's not like it's bad or anything, but I think I didn't really get a real flavor of what the city was like because I was at a conference and then entertaining clients all day/evening - so getting out wasn't really an option, and even if it was, it was between 111 and 115 degrees the days I was there, so.... yeah, I would have melted.

Then there is today. Do you ever have what you think is the perfect plan for the day, thinking everything will work out like its scheduled and supposed to, and then it just doesn't? I guess for a variety of reasons, but it just seems like everything you try doesn't work - and you have no choice but to think that it's for a reason, and it wasn't supposed to work out. Disappointment, or whatever the feeling may be, that there's this overriding notion that what your plans were were not the best for you - or anyone - and that's why they didn't work out.

The life of a former and recovering control freak is not always an easy path. And despite the jokes and laughs, it really is former, and recovering. People in my current day-to-day life don't know how much effort I put into not making the assumption that little I could know the plans that have been set for me - be it meeting times, or life plans. It's not easy - and I fail miserably all the time - but I know the plan before me is Good, and despite my failings and misgivings, and total lack in judgement at times (like today), that these are the reasons I need a Savior.

I suppose some days I am more thankful for that than others!


L said...

Yes, His plan is good! (Although too often I want MY way instead.) p.s. Half-price wine night would be good, too, I think.

Anonymous said...

I've missed you in blogland FR! You're like my wise owl and reminding me "HOOO! my life is not my own..." Miss you! And I hope you did wine night with L, just don't get hives. :)