Life & Things

Another day (okay, month), another hiatus. Want to know what's been going on? Life, that's what! But that's okay, especially now that I have the blogging bug back!

To be more accurate I have the redecorating, redesigning, moving furniture, repainting... and blogging.... bug back. Maybe it's the sun that has decided to come out for the first time in months, or maybe it's that I get a semi-permanent house guest in a few months (YES!), but whatever it is, it is back!

Some good things are on the move, and for a quick little life update, how about this:

* The semi-permanent house guest coming late spring. More on that. You'll be excited, I know I am!
* Gotten my b-u-t-t back to the gym. Ouch. I also bought hiking boots so I could get back into it (and "back in to it" I mean since my early 20's... let's just let that one go). Excited about the latter, but doing both.
* The kitchen remodel is underway, meaning that the first item is done and now the hard work begins. Yes, there will be endless posts about said kitchen.
* Window treatments have been changed out, put back, traded with other rooms... yes, this is big news
* Started a new photog project - well two of them - both being pretty fun for me

Okay enough about the mundane-ness of my day to day existence. How about a few Christmas photos to start off the catch-up posts?

Are you surprised that these are my grandparents?

Couldn't you just eat him up? Look at that ham!