I've long had an internal battle about headboards. Internal in my mind, that is.

I like them.

Then I hate them.

Then I want one.

Then it annoys me.

Now I'm at a place with my bedroom where I need to some something, but I won't be getting (or making) a headboard. You know the bed I bought - I platform bed, dark wood, which will soon have a lovely blue rug underneath (thank you, RueLaLa for ruining my pocketbook with your sales). With a bright white quilt that is sort of the centerpiece of the room, I've struggled on whether or not a headboard would take away from the bed.

So in my little interweb research, I realized that I don't use HGTV's website nearly enough and that it's really a pretty great resource for ideas. Check out this entire page with tons of ideas about headboards.

What I'll probably end up doing is using art - or something like that, maybe something dimentional - on the huge blank wall above my bed to mock a headboard. This will help me use some of the art I have laying around that I buy and don't have anywhere for it (oops!), and then also create somewhat of a headboard as far as anchoring the bed, but not so much that it takes away from it or competes with it.

Aside from what I'm going to do, here are a few headboards I am just loving right now:


(I have loved this West Elm headboard for ever, actually):



Not for me, but I do love the idea:



Anonymous said...

Don´t be annoyed with headboards, they are wood.