Just a Small Town Girl...

It has been quite a few weeks, I will say that much!

As you saw, I have been travel-mania for a while, which sadly means that the bloggity blog suffers! But, now that there have been some adventures, it means you – loyal reader – get to hear about them!

My MOST FAVORITE memory from the last few weeks was attending Rock of Ages, an off-Broadway musical, in New York City.

I took clients and some other work associates to town for a few days of meetings, and one of the nights I was Ms. Entertainment Finder. We ate at a most amazing restaurant (details later!), and then went to a showing of Rock of Ages.

At first I was in shock. Shock!! I thought to myself that I had brought clients and other people to a dirty (dir-tee) musical. But as the production went on, it soon became one of my most favorite stage performances I’ve ever seen.

The short of it… thin plot, resurrected 80’s and 90’s power ballads as the soundtrack, and ridiculous characters. It was phenomenal. Apparently it was nominated for nine Tony Awards, but didn’t walk away with any.

You must watch this You Tube clip here which doesn’t even start to show how amazing it was, but will give you a taste of it. This was a short snippet production they did at the awards show, and this is about half as good as an actual 5 minutes at the real show.

I can’t wait to go back – and I will!